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BIMcloud 2018.2 Released

We have released BIMcloud 2018.2. The unified installer package is already accessible on the BIMcloud download site. From this year there is only one BIMcloud package that contains all language versions (see the available languages on the download site) and it can be used to install, extend or update any BIMcloud components.
BIM Server users starting with version 19 can also use the same package to update their BIM Servers to BIMcloud Basic to get the latest fixes and improvements. Please watch this video to learn more about the changes. For further information about the update process please consult with our Help Center article.

BIMx Web Viewer Update

The recently launched BIMx Web Viewer has its first update on the BIMx Model Transfer site.
Based on feedback from our earliest adopters, we’ve increased the application speed. Enjoy a significant performance boost when loading a Hyper-model, zooming in/out on a Layout, and opening a 3D model or a Layout from the Hyper-model index.
Other enhancements are the extended maximum Zoom factor and smoother navigation between Layouts.

BIM Server & BIMcloud 21 Update 6002 Released

Today we have started to release the next BIM Server and BIMcloud 21 Updates.
As you may already know, starting from version 21 Server Updates have become independent from ARCHICAD Updates. This means that releasing and installing them can be separated from the ARCHICAD Update release and install process.
This time, we have made available the BIM Server & BIMcloud 21 Updates for the AUS, AUT, CHE, CZE, FIN, FRA, GER, HUN, INT, ITA, NED, NOR, NZE, POL, SPA, SWE, UKI and USA languages through the BIM Server/BIMcloud Manager’s Check for Updates interface. The Update becomes available for the rest of the language versions as soon as it passes our Quality Control.
You can read the Release Notes and download the packages from here:

BIMx Web Viewer released

GRAPHISOFT has unveiled the browser-based version of BIMx, making ARCHICAD content navigable as an additional service of the BIMx Model Transfer site. The BIMx Web Viewer lets users and their clients access the full content of a Hyper-model, including 3D models, documentation and any BIM data without having to install an application or browser plug-in. Users can navigate directly in their browser window on both PC and Mac. Active SSA (Software Service Agreement) holders can easily embed BIMx Web Viewer in their own website to present their company’s portfolio to clients and prospects in a unique way.
Read more about this new BIMx version on the GRAPHISOFT Help Center

ARCHICAD 21 Update 6000 Preview Released

Today we have made the preview version of our next ARCHICAD, BIM Server and BIMcloud 21 Updates available. We have tested the packages with the AUS, INT, NZE, UKI and USA versions so far and they all passed our Quality Control.
This package is only compatible with the above language versions. If you attempt to install it on a different language version, you will get an error message about this.
We will create a Public update compatible with all language versions in a few weeks time. If the two will differ, it will be possible to update from the Preview package to the Public one without a problem.
You can read the Release Notes and download the packages from here:

ARCHICAD 20 Update 8000 Preview Released

Today we made the preview version of our last ARCHICAD, BIM Server and BIMcloud 20 Updates available. We have tested the packages with the AUS, INT, UKI and USA versions so far and they all passed our Quality Control. The packages are compatible, but yet to be tested with the other language versions.
Depending on the feedback from this preview period, we plan to continue testing the packages for the rest of the language versions and releasing the update publicly in a few weeks time.

ARCHICAD 21 Update 5021 Released

Today we have started to publicly release the next Updates of v21 for the AUS, AUT, CHE, FRA, GER, INT, NZE, UKI and USA language versions.
This is our second Update for ARCHICAD 21, that includes a couple of new features as well as bug fixes.
New features:

  • PDF Reviewer Tool connection (Adobe Acrobat, Bluebeam etc.)
    With this solution, we provide a complete, bi-directional workflow between ARCHICAD and any standard PDF reviewer tool, such as Adobe Acrobat or Bluebeam. The solution improves communication and collaboration among architects, engineers and other project stakeholders during PDF-based project management. Bi-directional means that all the markups created in the PDF editor can be imported back to ARCHICAD, where they are transformed into Markup entries which appear in the correct location, helping the user to understand and solve the issue.
  • Link Rhino (.3dm)
    We have further improved collaboration between ARCHICAD and Rhinoceros – a popular free-form modeling tool – by adding new import options. The user can link Rhino source files (.3dm) into ARCHICAD, and update, relink etc. in the usual way, similarly to the Link IFC feature introduced in ARCHICAD 21. Also, Rhino files can be imported into ARCHICAD as an Object, so the new command directly imports Rhino models into ARCHICAD’s Embedded Library as a GDL Object. This command replaces the “Rhino-GDL Converter” Add-On, released for ARCHICAD 18, 19 and 20.
You can read the Release Notes and download the packages from here:

ARCHICAD 20 Update 7001 Released

Today we have released the next Updates of ARCHICAD 20, BIM Server 20 and BIMcloud 20. The same update packages have already been available as a preview in the last few weeks, today we made them publicly available.
The updates are available for all of the language versions through ARCHICAD’s Check for Updates feature.
You can read the Release Notes and download the packages from here:

CodeMeter Hardware key conversion in Update installers

As you might have noticed already, lately Apple has started to become less tolerant with 3rd party hardware devices that are reached through a so-called Kernel Extension. Because of this the CodeMeter driver’s Kernel Extension already needs manual approval on macOS 10.13.

If the above trend continues, 3rd party Kernel Extensions might get completely blocked with macOS 10.14 in September 2018. This means, that users upgrading to macOS 10.14 might not be able to run ARCHICAD from CodeMeter hardware licenses altogether and will need to have their keys replaced with new, compatible ones!

To avoid the above from happening, CodeMeter hardware keys need to be converted to a format that remains compatible with future versions of macOS. To make this as easy and convenient as possible, we are extending our Update installers with a converter tool to enable a straightforward key conversion process.

The following new Updates will contain the conversion:

  • ARCHICAD 19 Update 9001 – released today for all languages!
    • This is the same Update that we released in 2017 June, now repackaged with the converter tool as an addition:
    • Check for Updates will offer this Update only when it’s relevant: for those, who haven’t installed 9001 yet, and for those who have, but run ARCHICAD from a local single license key that needs conversion
  • ARCHICAD 20 Update 8000
  • ARCHICAD 21 Update 6000
  • LMT Update 2018
The converter is also already available in a standalone format (in english language), downloadable from here: CodeMeter Protection Key Updater. This tool is useful for those, who:
  • prefer to do the conversion independently from an ARCHICAD/LMT Update
  • use NET keys (plugged into computers where ARCHICAD or LMT is not installed)
  • use GRAPHISOFT products that won’t receive a converter Update
You can read more about the conversion in our FAQ article.

BIMx now supports Apple iPhone X Super Retina display

We are pleased to announce that a new BIMx Update (Version 2018.1.1349) is available from today in App Store. The latest version of our award-winning application elegantly supports the extended, full screen iPhone X, without cropping the screen’s content. Hyper-models fill every pixel of the screen, ensuring a stunning presentation experience. In addition, all BIMx controls have been adjusted to support Apple’s newly-introduced gestures.
Together, BIMx and iPhone X offer the ultimate design presentation experience on a handheld device.
Read more about this new feature on the BIMx site.